Punggol Beach

Taken on 26/09/10

Taken mainly with contax 28mm f2.8 ex for the HDR picture is by samyang 14mm f2.8


Woodland Waterfront Sunset

Digital Blend sunset

HDR sunset

Taken on 09/09/10

First picture is taken with samyang 14mm f2.8, second picture is taken with contax 28mm f2.8

This my first visit to woodland waterfront, it a beautiful place with the view of malaysia at site.

Lower Seletar Reservoir Sunrise

View of a photographer

Colour Version

B/W version

Taken on 10/09/09 at Lower Seletar Reservoir around 630am

Lower Seletar Reservoir is one of the most beautiful place to shoot sunrise in singapore.

My photography kaki and i drive there early morning to be blessed with this beautiful scene.

All pictures are process in HDR ex for the first picture.